Olga Ford Photography | About
Hey, there! I'm Olga. I am a ministry wife, mother and animal lover with a penchant for photography. I'm kind of guilty of being a perfectionist, especially with my work. I am a huge fan of anything vintage, sun flare, and coffee. I'm a people person. And a dog person. I still love adventures and bringing my unique personality to my photography. I don't like math. Or beets.

My super power is freezing moments in time with my Nikon. I LOVE being behind the camera. In front of it? Not so much.

I have enjoyed and servicing the wonderful people in west Tennessee as a portrait photographer for 5 years and look forward to working in Windsor, NC and the surrounding areas. If you'd like more information on a relaxed, unique session experience, hit me up! I'd love to talk to you! Just click on my contact tab. Thanks!